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Red Reveals | Thunderstone Quest | Clockwork Destiny

The Kickstarter boxes have arrived and it’s time to unpack some new Thunderstone Quest pieces from AEG. Clockwork Destiny is a version of steampunk you could call thunderstone-punk. There seems to be lots of mechanical pieces with spells and items that make use of thunderstones. Lets unpack all the cards and see what is there so you can decide if this an expansion you want.

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Red Reviews – Unboxing Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion + Strawberry Studio Quick Kick

Two things arrived in the mail this week. Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion and the games for the Strawberry Studios Quick Kick ( 9 Games! ). Let’s unbox both of them and take a look at the contents. First we’ll see which games are a part of the Quick Kick and then we’ll dive into Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion.

Strawberry Studios Quick Kick

Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion