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Marvel Champions – Single Cards

It’s been about a year now that Marvel Champions has been out, I love the game. The one downside has been that if I want cards I need to buy a full hero pack in order to get the cards. This becomes especially noticeable with something like Down Time or Endurance, in which I would need to buy two Ms. Marvel Hero packs in order to play two heroes with a copy of the card. This spawned the idea of breaking apart hero packs and selling the cards individually, Thus I preset the Crazy Jackalope Games shop. Here I’ve broken apart a few of the hero packs and put the individual cards up for sale.

Marvel Champions | E55 Spider-Man (Leadership) vs Klaw

This is the third episode of our Klaw vs Leadership Spider-Man battle. It is a tie with 1 win for Klaw and 1 win for Spider-Man. The Tombstone modular encounter came into play last game, creating a much bigger distraction than the previous game. Let’s see how this plays out, if Spider-Man can win the series. https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/103/spider-man-and-friends-solo-play-expert-mode-1.0

Marvel Champions | Modular Encounters

Modular Encounters are the sets of minions and side schemes that get added into the main villain. Let’s discuss and go over the cards for all of the ones that are currently available.

  • 0:40 – Bomb Scare
  • 3:05 – Masters of Evil
  • 5:55 – Under Attack
  • 8:05 – Legions of Hydra
  • 9:40 – Doomsday Chair ( MODOK )
  • 11:30 – Goblin Gimmicks
  • 12:40 – A Mess of Things ( Scorpion )
  • 14:10 – Power Drain ( Electro )
  • 16:10 – Running Interference ( Tombstone )