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Marvel Champions Restocks 2023-12-10

It has been a busy month as we move locations. We have had some items ready to hit the shelves but we had to hold off on listing until things had settled in the move. We hope to restock some more items before the holiday hits.

We’ve added



As well as restocking cards from a few of the older hero packs






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⚠️Moving – Potential Delayed Shipping

Big news in the Crazy Jackalope world. We are moving from the Kansas City metro area out to southeastern Missouri. Entering a part of life where a little more space and a bit less city is what we are looking for.

What that means for the store, there is a lot of inventory to move over the next couple months. We’ve had some additional help come on board, but logistically our physical items can’t exist in both places at once. This comes down to that, depending the item, there may be up to seven (7) days before we are able to process an order. We do our best to move things out the door quickly, but over the next few weeks there is a possibility for delays. The Marvel Champions cards and sets we will try to specifically minimize the impact to as much as possible.

We appreciate your understanding during this time and will do our best to complete the transition as quickly as possible.