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Crazy Jackalope surfaces at KantCon

This summer has been a hectic one. I’d signed up for KantCon a few months back and it got here a lot quicker than I expected. Being my first live selling experience I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have to say I was pleased. The staff has been helpful and I’ve met a bunch of great people: vendors, customers and other folks just attending the convention. Looking forward to doing more of these and getting back to making more videos in the near future as I’d tore down my recording set up and need to get it back in place.

Special thanks to my kids who have been helping out with the table, set up and soon to be tear down as we are on the final day at this point.

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Making Armies

For those of you wondering why there has been a decrease in video output, it’s because life outside of Crazy Jackalope has got a bit hectic. Also in my bursts of spare time I’ve been experimenting with resin printing as well as refining my PLA printing process.

Currently I’m churning out of batch of Night Goblins, so you can field that army that you wanted

I have a few other things I’ve added a few more models that are more generic in use.

Next I’m looking at some Human knights or Orc Warriors in resin and starting to do more terrain and buildings in PLA.