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Eclipse | E2 Turn 6-8

Prentice as the Hydran player has recovered a bit during the mid game and looks to see if she can get her technology juggernaut rolling. Dietrich’s Eridani forces seemingly have an inability to kill Ancients and what seemed like a promising lead has dwindled after repeated failed attacks. Moving into the end game who’s going to rally for the win?

For more info on Eclipse : Second Dawn for the Galaxy

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Eclipse | E1 Turn 2-3

We start in on turn two of our two player Eclipse game. Things didn’t work out well for Beatrice out of the gate and Jocosta see to have things well in hand. Will the trajectory continue or can Beatrice get back into the game. Let’s find out in turns 2 and 3 where we start to do more than just exploration actions.

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Eclipse | E0 Setup

Let’s go through getting the table prepared for a game of Eclipse. We’ll concentrate on getting everything we need ready for a two player Terran game and then following videos will step us through the game. This won’t be an exhaustive rules review, just enough to get the pieces on the table so we can start exploring the galaxy.