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So Many Things

The past couple of months have been busy. My normal video output took a huge hit as the kids started school and some of my products on the site have gained some momentum. Another large set of work was around needing to move over to a more robust hosting solution, ideally this translates to faster site response and reduced outages. That bump is starting to smooth out a bit and the hope is too be less of a stranger to the camera. So with that out of the way let’s chat a bit about changes and new things on Crazy Jackalope.


The Mad Titan’s Shadow Expansion dividers for Marvel Champions have been added as well as dividers for the hero cards for Cycle 4 (Nebula, War Machine, Valkyrie and Vision). Dividers for The Hood are ready to go and will get added to the site this weekend.
Additionally I’ve made a change and we now include the appropriate hero cards with a Villain and Encounter cards for an expansion. Thus if you the the Rise of Red Skull dividers you will also get the Hawkeye and Spider Woman dividers too. It just seems easier than having to track down both sets of cards.
In the shops are dividers for a few other games too as I look to expand the selection a bit. Car Wars 6E (just got my kickstarter) and some Pokemon dividers have been rolled out. I’m looking for suggestions here too, if you’ve got a game that some dividers would help organize let me know.

Marvel Champions

A few boxes of The Mad Titan’s Shadow have been unboxed and added to the inventory as well as some more Quicksilver and Drax packs. I open and add new inventory about every other weekend. At this point I haven’t been giving notice of specifically when I add inventory or what I’m going to add. I’m considering changing this and sending out a notice of what is going into inventory, but haven’t made my mind up about that one.
There was a request for things like rulebooks and posters to get added to the store and those are now available too. I’ve been thinking about flattening and framing some of them and making them available that way.
It’s been interesting to see some of the older cards get attention as the newer sets come out. Things like Enhanced Physique and Concussive Blow were idle for awhile and have gained in popularity.

New Games

Final Notes

As we head into the fall holidays, I’d just like to thanks everyone that has help support the channel and site with your patronage. Going into the year I didn’t know how things were going to work out as I tried this new thing, and the result is something I’m very pleased with and looking forward to bigger and better things in the next year.