Venom Assault


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In the year 2050 the United Nations made a startling discovery that changed the course of the future. They learned of the existence of a global terrorist organization known only as VENOM. This group was responsible not only for every act of terror in the past two decades, but they were also the ones who brought about the start of World War III. Their only goal is that of world domination, and armed with this knowledge the UN enacted Project Freedom. Their chosen general, Abraham Steele, would be in charge of recruiting an elite task force whose only goal would be to stop VENOM once and for all.

Venom Assault is a Cooperative Deck Building game with Dice based combat for 1-5 players. Players will use their turns to recruit new Freedom Squadron Soldiers and Vehicles into their hands that they will use to challenge one of the seven VENOM leaders on the board. Each card will have set abilities that can help bring about victory, but VENOM can also call upon their own troops to help them out as well. Each game will be played using one of ten missions in the base game, which will tell players what goals they need to accomplish to win the game. However VENOM is not going to be idle and if the players are not careful and quick, they may find they have lost to their devious foes while they weren’t looking.

Players: 1-5

Age: 14+

Time: 60 minutes

Game Components

  • Instruction Manual
  • Game Board
  • 50 Starting Hand Cards
  • 84 Freedom Squadron Cards
  • 29 Venom Leader Cards
  • 56 Venom Support Cards
  • 37 Event Cards
  • 40 Rewards Cards
  • 10 Blue Combat Dice
  • 12 Mission Cards
  • 1 Commander Token
  • 1 VENOM Defense Marker
  • 1 VENOM Health Marker
  • 1 Event Track Marker
  • 15 Mission Tokens

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Number of Players

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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