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The Dark Tower’s shadow stretches across the whole of Crystalia and is a bleak reminder of the Consul’s strength and power. Vandella represents a more subtle aspect of the Consul’s power, the power to corrupt and beguile. She delights in tormenting her prey and sowing chaos within even the most steadfast Hero’s heart.

Classic Stats

  • Type:¬†Demon¬†Mini-Boss
  • Crystal Affinity:¬†Ruby
  • Abilities:¬†Fly
  • Unique Actions:¬†Alluring,¬†Breathtaking Kiss,¬†Come Hither
  • Movement Points:¬†7
  • Action Points:¬†3
  • Strength:¬†1B1R (Melee Range¬†1)
  • Armour:¬†2B (Defense)
  • Willpower:¬†3B1R (Magic Range¬†6)
  • Dexterity:¬†3R (Defense)
  • Hearts:¬†5
  • Skull Points:¬†4
  • Monster Platform:¬†Super

Arcade Stats

  • Type:¬†Demon Mini-Boss
  • Crystal Affinity:¬†Ruby
  • Abilities:¬†Fly
  • Signature Action:¬†Breathtaking Kiss
  • Unique Actions:¬†Come Hither
  • Movement Points:¬†7
  • Action Points:¬†2
  • Strength:¬†3W
  • Armour:¬†4W
  • Range:¬†4
  • Hearts:¬†6

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