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Few Freyjan’s ever leave the frozen spires of the Frostbyte Reach. Those who do are captivated by wanderlust and endless curiousity. Nyan-Nyan shares the curious lucky streak common among her people, allowing her to escape the most dire situations unharmed. Now your adventuring party can press their luck by enlisting this unique Hero in the cause of defending Crystalia.

  • Contents:
    • 1x Nyan-Nyan Assembled Model
    • 1x Nyan-Nyan Hero Card
    • 2x Chaos Kitty Mini-Boss Cards
    • 1x Cat’s Paw Treasure Card
  • Plastic Model and Cards
  • Model is pre-assembled


  • Type: Freyjan Hero
  • Crystal Affinity: Emerald
  • Abilities: 9 Lives
  • Unique Actions: Teeth & Fur, Purrrrr
  • Potions: Coolmint Kitty Bomb
  • Movement Points: 7
  • Action Points: 3
  • Strength: 3B (Melee: 1)
  • Armor: 2B (Defense)
  • Willpower: 1B 1R
  • Dexterity: 2R (Defense)
  • Hearts: 5
  • Potion Quantity: 1

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