CATS A Sad But Necessary Cycle Of Violent Predatory Behavior


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CATS is a secret selection, simultaneous reveal card game where you play cats in the back yard attempting to catch, steal and eat birds. As the end of the game approaches the paranoia increases. You will laugh, plot and scratch your brain! 1/2 hour.

Choose to play one of five cats. Each has a special ability that can be used once per game. Individual artists have illustrated each deck.

In CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior everyone chooses from the same card types. No discarding, No luck of the draw; only choosing which action to take… it’s entirely up to you! Get as many enjoyment points as possible and win the game! Be clever and anticipate what the others will do.

The birds are placed out in the field of play (3 locations in a 2 to 4 player game and 4 locations with 5 or more players). The birds will hang out at the bird bath, in the grass, on the fence or in the trees. The bigger birds will need to be stalked before catching them and you will have to time everything just right. Once you do catch your bird you will have a choice to either press your luck and play with the bird to double its enjoyment point value or to just eat it. The more birds you play with, the more likely they are to be stolen. There are no cats that you can trust! Careful…


A Taunt card will be added to each cat deck. This will give cats the ability to cancel other cat’s actions. Each cat will also have a special ability that they can use once per game. Each player will target another cat and a location where a bird is hanging out. A turn consists of 2 rounds. Players select 1 card for the first round and 2 cards for the second round. All players reveal their cards simultaneously in each round. Actions are resolved as in the Basic game, but now you will need to plan ahead and be wary of those Taunt card.

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