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Insert compatible with the new smaller standard of Living Card Games® with boxes sized  25.4 x 25.4 x 5.1 cm.

Such games include Arkham Horror: The Card Game®, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Edition)®, Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game®, and Android: Netrunner The Card Game® The Revised Core Set, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (2nd edition)® as well as with Blood Bowl Team Manager®. Please check the detailed product pages for each of these games.

The insert is designed to fit snugly inside the box, and is 2.5 cm higher than the box base to allow for maximum storage of cards. There is space for all cards to be sleeved with quality sleeves.

There are five card sized slots on each side, two of which are larger to accommodate the token tray below. Then down the middle are two card sized slots for additional cards, one of which is slightly longer to allow space for the folded rules sheets from the small expansions. With maximum card storage, i.e. the token trays removed, the insert can store 900 sleeved cards maximum, when no token trays are used. See below details of the various ways the insert can be used.

The insert comes with eight token trays, four wide and four narrow. They can be combined in different ways for different games to either maximise card storage or token types, or a balance between the two extremes. They are removable and usable during game play to keep the table tidy and speed up setup and clear-away times.

With the rules on top of the insert and the lid placed on top the lid rises 2.5 cm higher than the base. This still allows plenty of friction and hold to maintain its position, and the game can be safely stored vertically.

This insert can be assembled in a number of different ways, depending upon the game you will use it for and the ratio of cards to tokens you need to store. Below are some of the alternative ways the insert can be used.

Maximum Card Storage:

900 sleeved cards + No token trays

Low Token Storage:

780 sleeved cards + Four narrow token trays

Medium Token Storage:

680 sleeved cards + Four wide token trays

Maximum Token Storage:

560 sleeved cards + Four wide token trays + Four narrow token trays

Small Card Storage:

The insert has dividers which can be added between card tray walls to split them in two, giving space for sleeved small cards.

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