Ascension: Skulls & Sails


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The Age of Sail has come to New Vigil. The tropical lands that surround the Valley of the Ancients are up for grabs, with gold enough to make yourself king, but also the legendary Crystals of Command: an artifact rumored to give the wearer power to control the land, the seas, and the skies.

In Ascension: Skulls and Sails, players familiar with Ascension will continue to recruit powerful heroes and constructs and defeat monsters as they vie to collect the most honor. However, in addition to using runes and power to control the game, players will use a new resource, crew, to move their ship around the board map. Cast off around the board to gain an advantage over your opponents…or to challenge, Thukal, The Kraken!

And what pirate adventure would be complete without raiding and treasure? Players can use the new Raid ability to capture valuable treasure cards from their opponents.

Take command of your ship and join the adventure. Find gold and glory on the Severed Seas!

200 cards
50 honor tokens
Game board
Rule book
4 ship dial counters

2-4 players
Ages 13+
30 minute play time

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