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Breaking some Marvel Champions Core Sets

Broke open a couple of Core Set boxes and added them to the inventory. Unfortunately one of the boxes was damaged, so only one of the actual boxes will make it’s way to inventory.

I thought it would be interesting to share the top selling cards. In many cases I ran out of the cards and the sample size is fairly small. I’ve only opened a couple of each set thus far, so it is tough to tell how deep the demand is. Ms.Marvel hero packs seem to have cards in the greatest demand, but the Core set and Wasp have been doing well too. Thus far it is a net loss adventure, but fun none the less.

Top Selling cards thus far
Earth’s Mightest Heroes
Never Back Down
Athletic Conditioning
Into the Fray
Team-Building Exercise
Enhanced Physique
Under Surveillance
Enhanced Awareness
Enhanced Reflexes
Energy Barrier
Make the Call
Get Ready
Beat Cop