Venom Assault: Villains & Valor


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The year is now 2065, Freedom Squadron and the Global Operations Force was the last, best hope for defeating VENOM once and for all. Just when the world believed they had succeeded VENOM re-appeared stronger than ever and proved evil never dies. And they are not alone, now Chameleons criminal organization, the Terrornauts have roared onto the scene bringing a new kind of warfare to the battle! To combat this, Freedom Squadron has unleashed their own batch of reformed elite soldiers; the Carnage Corps. These elite members have been hand-picked by Corporal Carnage and reformed in his Carnage Dome to be the best of the best, and they are all steeped in the importance of teamwork, sacrificing their own time and efforts to bolster the greater good. Now enhanced on both sides, the battle truly becomes more epic between Freedom Squadron and VENOM!

In VENOM Assault: Villians & Valor players can now add all new VENOM Leaders and Support Cards to the game that bring the new Failed Combat mechanic into play. Players must be more careful about charging into battle or risk losing cards from their hands. New Freedom Squadron Soldiers bring along the Teamwork ability that allows them to be played out of turn to bolster the active player or they can be held in reserve to boost your own turn. Brand new Event Cards can be used to create a different event deck every game and feature all-new Dual Event Cards and Enhanced VENOM Strikes to bring an even greater challenge to the game.

Game Components

  • Instruction Manual
  • 50 Freedom Squadron Cards
  • 11 VENOM Leader Cards
  • 30 VENOM Support Cards
  • 28 Event Cards
  • 29 Reward Cards
  • 20 Medal Cards
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • 10 Global Effect Tokens
  • 7 Mission Tokens

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Number of Players

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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