Dungeons of Crystalia: Tile Pack


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Add even more variety to your games of Super Dungeon Explore with this pack of six, all new, double-sided dungeon tiles! Featuring stunning art and 12 unique layouts, the Dungeons of Crystalia tile set is designed to look fabulous no matter which monsters lurk within its depths!

Within each dungeon lurks a colorful host of minor monsters known as creeps. Dungeons of Crystalia comes with the most classic of all creeps: the mighty slime! Presented in 4 unique, translucent colors these slime creeps are sure to make a sticky mess of your Heroes’ plans.


  • 6x Double-Sided Dungeon Tiles
  • 3x Ruby Slimes – Creep
  • 3x Emerald Slimes – Creep
  • 3x Sapphire Slimes – Creep
  • 3x Citrine Slimes – Creep
  • Tile Effect Cards
  • 4x Slime Explore Cards
  • 4x Slime Arcade Cards

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