Doom Blade Orc Cyclops – Mage Knight Conquest


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Drawn to the terrible conflicts in the Land like a dragon to a fine jewel the first Doom Blade Orc Cyclops strode out of the mysterious mountains to the north driving the Orcs of the Fist before him. Over time, the Orcs convinced the terrible beast and its brethren that more entertaining prey could be found to the south. Now these monstrous creatures fight at the side of the Orcs, ravaging and pillaging wherever the hordes may wander.

The Mage Knight Conquest: Doom Blade Cyclops is the perfect centerpiece for a large Orc Raider army, or for any Warlord looking to add serious power to their offense. Not only does the Cyclops look great, but with the new Titan rules, it is extremely effective in a wide variety of battlefield roles. This package contains complete rules for using Titans in Mage Knight. The Doom Blade Orc Cyclops is compatible with all other Mage Knight figures. Complete Titan Rules for MK Conquest are available in the MK Conquest pack.

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