BattleTech : ComStar Command Level II


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Centuries-old designs, these favored BattleMechs originally appeared during the time of the legendary Star League. They continue to prove their worth across the long years of war, from the Inner Sphere to the Clan Homeworlds.

Unleash the ComStar Command Level II on your enemies! King Crab, Highland, Black Knight, Exterminator, Sentinel, & Mercury (no assembly required) along with six MechWarrior pilot cards and six Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

Plastic components.

6 Miniatures
‣ King Crab
‣ Highlander
‣ Black Knight
‣ Exterminator
‣ Sentinel
‣ Mercury
6 MechWarrior Cards
6 Alpha Strike Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and pre-assembled.

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